A thought about heaven

My wife came back from a beautiful vacation to Hawai’i with her mother. One of the things she values most is spending time with family, and this encouraged my brain into an interesting thought path about heaven. Perhaps, heaven will be all of us sitting around telling our stories; talking about the things we valued, […]

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Today’s Been Full of Inspriation

Today’s inspiration is from Kazu Kibuishi Followed by awesome insight from Alexandria Neonakis And then Mr. Kibuishi further blew my mind away with But wait there’s more! This Back to Work ( link ) was all about success, getting things accomplished and not freaking out while doing so. And  all of this just further backs […]

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Pacific Rim – I love it!

I came for the robot/monster fights I stayed for the joy of it! This is a quintessential summer film. It’s not high art but it is high octane fun! In my mind Guillermo del Toro takes it above an average summer blockbuster, his is more of a labor of love, a sense of craft that […]

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